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Never too early,
never too late

App in the Air is a blessing for those who live out of a suitcase. It keeps track of your itineraries, boarding passes, and frequent-flier programs. Plug in any number of flights and you can track boarding and landing times, along with current waits for check-in, security & customs. Search tips from other travelers for which airport coffee shop is open at 5 am and little-known places to charge your phone.


All flight details in one tap

Connect the app to your email account and let it suck in reservations from your calendar and mail. Your phone then displays information on upcoming flights: how long until you need to check-in, the weather at your destination and so on.


All flight details in one tap

App can check you in to your flight, record expenses, see information about the airport lounges and be reminded of your baggage allowance. For sociable types, the app can tell you who nearby is also flying, with stats about them, such as their hours spent in the air


All flight details in one tap

App in the Air turns travel into a game and keeps track of your score. There’s an AR (augmented reality) globe for visualising the flights you’ve taken, and a worldwide leaderboard.

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