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number. Baggage rules. Auto check-in. Flight status alerts. Flights reviews. Subscribe your family.
Do right
by the planet
We are committed to the environment and take a pledge to plant one tree for every flight booked in the app. You can also become a carbon neutral traveler by offsetting the carbon impact of all previously taken flights. In fact, our users have already planted over 10,000 trees around the world.
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Save time and money. Our AI driven search tool, combined with a direct connection to airlines and hotels, finds you best flights that match your preferences. We’ll even find you the most eco-friendly flights.
20,234,034 itineraries tracked
20,234,034 itineraries tracked
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Gather statistics for all the flights you've ever taken and compete in the global leaderboard. Get achievement badges for everything from countries visited and airplanes flown.
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