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App in the Air

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Track flights

We split your flight into four stages: Check-in, Boarding, Take-off and Landing and notify you on any flight-related change. With "Timeline" you are always prepared and you'll never miss your flight. Text messages notifications will reach you even if you are abroad and don't have Internet connection.

Explore airports

Weather, delays and currency info available for all major airports all over the world. Learn other flyer's wisdom via "Tips". Where to find the best restaurant in an airport, charge your phone and get a free Wi-Fi.

Keep the record

Keep record of your statistics in "Profile". Boarding passes, Countries, Airports, Aircraft, Airlines - everything matters. Earn achievements for your flight experience and contribution to flyers' community.

Organize your flights

You can add your trip either by flight number or route. Or you can just connect your TripIt account and we'll pull your flights automatically for you. Historical flights are also supported. All your flights will be synchronized across all of your devices on all supported platforms.